Go Soar


Ashlyn Middleton’s SOAR Story

This year at SOAR, students were encouraged to share their heart about how God was working in their lives during SOAR. A blogging center was set up so that students would have a place to put in to writing what God was doing in their hearts.

Here is what one student, Ashlyn Middleton, shared with us:

“This is my first year here, and it has been so awesome!!! Jordan Feliz (my all time favorite singer) was singing and I had so fun jumping and acting goofy with my friends. The most important thing I learned at SOAR is that we should all praise God wherever we are. Paul shared the gospel in prison, and he was happy about it. He thought that the best case scenario was to die and see Jesus. I never thought about it that way. I thought of how I could help spread the gospel in my community and I have multiple ideas about it, and I hope that other people were influenced to do the same.”

Students’ lives are changed at SOAR! What did you learn this year?