Go Soar


The Future is Bright

It was Friday morning, July 8, in Dallas, TX. The night before, snipers shot five police officers two miles away during the third session of SOAR student conference. Friday morning seemed overshadowed by the darkness of a broken nation.

Session four of SOAR began promptly at 9:30am as scheduled on Friday morning. Speaker Clif Johnson challenged the students with the message that every believer should be a missionary. As the session closed, a call was made for students to come forward if interested in a short-term mission trip through the BMA mission’s VSM program. Approximately two hundred students flooded the aisles. Next, students who had given their lives to missions were asked to come forward. Another fifty or sixty students walked the aisle.

Although the world looked dark that morning, the future is looking bright! Praise God for still calling young people into missions!