Go Soar

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The most important things in life run through the local church:

  • • Hearing the gospel
  • • Trusting Jesus
  • • Following Christ in Baptism
  • • Growing in discipleship
  • • Building life-long friendships
  • • Worshipping with a family of believers

The local church is vital because it belongs to Jesus. He purchased it with His blood and built it with His power. He is the church’s foundation and He loves the church like His bride.

The local church is His Body, continuing His work on earth by obeying His commission. No other institution has been given this privilege and responsibility. Christ works exclusively through His church!

That’s why we are excited about SOAR 2018’s focus on the local church. This year’s conference will challenge students to think about:

  • • Why every believer should belong to a local church.
  • • Why active participation in a local church is vital to following Christ.
  • • What the local church is called to do in the world.
  • • What the local church needs from students.
  • • What students gain from the local church.
  • • How to get involved in the local church.

We are praying that students will return home with a new love and appreciation for the church. And, we anticipate a movement of students becoming active, meaningful, participants in Christ’s work on earth through their local church.

More details coming soon.