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SOAR Session 3: Panel Discussion

Five people who grew up attending SOAR. None serve in vocational ministry, yet all live a life completely sold out for Christ.

Meet Jeremy Riddle: he is a father who looked at the lack of positive, godly influences in young men’s lives and decided to become that positive influence. Having a seventh grade son himself, Riddle followed the burden that God placed on his heart to found a group of fathers and sons called “Iron Men.” They meet weekly to teach boys what it really means to be a man.

Meet Mckenna Marlow: she is a recent Central Baptist College graduate who sacrificially uses her time to serve overseas on missions trips. She has been on six missions trips, including last summer when she traveled to Ghana, West Africa on a Volunteer Student Missions trip.

Meet Jay and Elizabeth Glass: Jay is a businessman and Elizabeth is a physical therapist. They live a life of ministry by investing in young children’s lives through foster care. They have one biological son, and another son who has been adopted in to their family through the foster care system.

Finally, meet Luke McCown: he is a former quarterback for the New Orleans Saints who recently signed with the Dallas Cowboys. Not only is he a minister in the locker-room, discipling his teammates and considering his line of work as a mission field, but he also works with “Rock the Block,” which is a ministry that takes VBS outside the walls of the church, into neighborhoods where kids would not normally attend church.

During SOAR 2017, these men and women got to share how they were once in the same seats as the students, and are now living their lives in selfless ministry for Christ. Through their individual testimonies, these role models explained from first-hand experience that even though none of them became pastors or workers in the church, every single believer has the responsibility and opportunity to serve the Lord with their lives.

Mckenna shared that the reason she chose a life of ministry was because she only feels pure joy when she is doing what God has called her to do. Likewise, Elizabeth Glass shared with students that the reason she lives a life of ministry is simply because God commands it.

Luke McCowan continued in that vein by saying, “Living a life of ministry is worth it. The struggles are worth it. He is worth it. Understand the magnitude of what he did for you.”

The keynote speaker for SOAR 2017, Dustin Wisely, concluded the session by challenging students with this thought: “If God speaks to you, will you follow? What are you going to do, and how are you going to respond? Ministry is not just for vocational ministers. Pray that as God lays ministry on your heart, you would joyfully say, ‘I get to serve Christ. I want to do what God has called me to do.’

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